Slider Funeral Home


Deep Emotional Connection
We are not a “conveyor belt” funeral home. We individualize the care needed just for you. We’re patient while you sort through the emotions and thoughts necessary to process your loss. We make every attempt to walk through this journey with you.

Personally Engaged Staff
We share the journey of our customers during their loss experience. We treat you and talk to you like we want your business, because we do; and we would like the opportunity to earn your trust.

Our Vision
We provide distinctive service. We fulfill dreams inspired by the endless and unquestionable love of a daughter-to –a- mother by providing extraordinary customer experiences. We fuel the passion in our customer to outwardly express their deepest feelings about their mothers.

Our Mission
We share the journey of our customer during their loss experience and apply this deep connection in every market we serve to create superior value.

Quality Mission – Customer for Life………………………………………………….
Slider Funeral Home values the deep emotional connection that is created with our customers through our services and experiences. We are fueled by the brand loyalty and trust that our customers place in us to deliver premium quality and the promise of a fulfilling lasting memory. We exemplify this commitment by embracing a culture of personal responsibility and stewardship for quality in everything we do.


Not Just A Name – A Reputation For Excellence

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